Saturday, May 22, 2010


I love this show!!!
I love its happiness, its music, its talented performers, its fun times.

I do not love the auto-tune.

I do not love how I can hear when people are being auto-tuned. Yes, some of those actors aren't as good of singers as the Broadway stars that you hired, but please don't auto tune them.

I'd personally find it insulting if I were on a show like that and being one of three that were consistently auto-tuned. Really? You think I sing that terribly? wow. Thanks. Thats real great for my ego.
(which being an actor, I know our egos are pretty fragile...and I'm assuming any L.A. actors is doubly so)

But thats just me, maybe most of the audience watching the show actually doesn't hear it.

I just bought the Glee Cast Showstoppers. It is awesome. And I love it.

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