Saturday, July 03, 2010


Happy MotherFucking Independence Day!!

Do you realize people actually DID fight for your freedom? Way back when it counted, way back when we really WERE being oppressed by another country. These people were fighting a battle that looked unwinnable! And they WON! They FUCKING WON!

They threw tea in the river! Precious english tea! And they said "We don't need your god damned tea! We drink COFFEE now!"

Then the guys in charge sat down with each other, drinking wine probably, and discussed HOW TO CREATE A COUNTRY! Then they CREATED A COUNTRY!

Have you done that!?

These guys wanted to have a country where a person is free! Free from all the shit that was taking place in England. AND THEY SUCCEEDED!

They fucking signed that Declaration of Independence on July 4th! They signed the SHIT out of it!

These people really DID fight for freedom. They fucking wanted it. And they fucking got it.

And they did it for YOU.

So, bitch, go out and celebrate the shit out of this day.


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