Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I won a photography contest!

I was going to just lead in with a nice story and whatnot but I can't hold it in!

I WON! This is exciting. These pictures I took were from my old phone. The one that doesn't have internet.

First, let me show you my pictures...

Both of these were taken a couple of years ago when I first started working at my riverboat job.
(I call it the riverboat job now cause I also work at another boat job which is not a riverboat. It is a submarine...)
In the weekly "Mercury Messenger" newsletter at my job, there was a "photo contest". Send in your photos and we'll vote and see who wins!

So I was like, hey, these people at least need these pictures, I think they are quite good. Who cares if I win.

What do I get now that I DID win?

An overnight stay in a downtown hotel! STAYCATION bitches! I'm excited. I want to watch cable and go hang out in a hot tub or go swimming. I'm super excited. Hooray.

Though I feel as if maybe another person who doesn't get to live in the city should have won....

but hey, my pictures kick ASS! Right? RIGHT?!


Dennis Frymire said...

Awesome sauce! Good for you!

~HM~ said...

Congrats! That's so awesome!