Tuesday, August 04, 2009

And you'd think i'd write more

You ever have that feeling that you are so freaking busy that if only you could have ONE day, just ONE DAY, then everything would be allright?
Then you get that one day and you waste it just watching tv?

I have so many plans for today, but I've already wasted most of the morning on the internet. Granted I was updating twitter.....which is highly important.

I also was enjoying this website - Yearbook Yourself - which looks like its made by Woodfield Mall.
Incidentally I've never been to Woodfield Mall and I do really have the itch to shop today. Get some fun threadless t-shirts and such.

But I need to save money instead of spend it. I think thats partially why I haven't gone out of my house yet today. I don't spend money when I'm at home!

Hey did you know I have 2 more payments left on my car? 2! IN fact, if I go to my bank of america website right now and log in.....


Also because of Mint.com I keep better track of where my money is going.... And most of it is going to house and car. Which is good. Cause at least most of it isn't going to Threadless Tshirts.

You know what else I've done for myself? Written down on a sheet of papes my bills for the month and the paychecks as they come in... what a GOOD idea huh? HUH?

now that I've wasted more time just fucking around on here.... I guess its time ot straighten up my room. And find that bill from National Geographic....

Goodness, I really wanna go to Strange Cargo and just buy stuff.

Hey did I tell you I'm reading "The Neverending Story"? Its SO good, this guy has one awesome imagination. Its so amazing. Read it, if you find it anywhere. :)

From Leslie

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