Thursday, February 05, 2009

An Eavesdrop

On Thursday, February 5th, 2009, I was playing an online game.
This online game was fun.
I was a dude in a bubble and had to pop my bubble on a needle.
On the side of the game I was playing was a chat room.
Remember chat rooms?
I eavesdropped and read what they were saying.
Most was rubbish.
Some of it was actually about Doctor Who. I'm not kidding.
I took a picture of it.
So I could show you guys.
Mostly because it was complete gibberish
But also because its hilarious that chat rooms still exist.
VanillaBear talked a LOT
Animeal is apparently from Argentina
And they ALL know each other....

So Vanillabear puts up a music video (some how they are all watching something at the same time)
Animeal says:
VanillaBear is a flogger. end of story, they all move on.
I'm on level 6
It comes back later::
At this point I'm just reading their converstion.
But I'm also on level 19 when this happens::

Muffin is a girl.
She is online.
They want to talk to her.
All except Animeal who doesn't want her to add him
And vanilla Bear is like ::

Yeah. Only special people get to talk to muffin.
Muffin is someone people fight over.
And Ethan is a liar
and topic again?

But wait! The "Vids from the party saturday!" ????
These guys hang out!?
AH, who are you people!

but then...
I had to go to rehearsal.

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