Friday, February 06, 2009

An Open Letter to Television

An open letter to FOX, NBC Universal and HULU (and for that matter, ABC)

I am worried because I don't know if you are recording what I'm watching on HULU.

Let me start at the beginning. I am addicted to television. I'm not ashamed and I'm not doing anything to stop it. I watch shows on FOX, NBC and ABC because I do not have cable. I watch everything from Bones to 30 Rock to the Office, Fringe, Scrubs, ER, SNL, Heroes, Chuck...I think you get the idea. If I can't watch it I record it.

I'm going to add another factor into this. I am an actor. I usually have rehearsals at night during all the prime-time hours. Thats no problem for me because, like I said, if I can't watch it I record it. Before HULU and all this extremely convenient "online tv" I just assumed that you probably knew that I was recording the show and therefore added me to your "viewer" list.

Lets add something else - I don't know how your neilsen ratings work. I like to make up my own rules.

And another addition. I know this whole "online tv" is new to you. HULU only getting online in the last year. ABC, you had eleven different full episode players...

This is why I'm worried. I was okay when I recorded tv on my DVR. But, I don't know if you are actually paying attention to what I'm watching on your online sites. And what if more and more people are not watching regular tv and just catching up on your websites? What if because of that you feel that no one is watching a show and therefore cancel it? What if I am the reason that Fringe is cancelled? I worry about this because I am addicted to television. And I need tv. Especially one hour dramas and 30 minute comedy shows. I need it.

I am going to suggest to you to pay more attention to what people watch on your episode players. Please. Because as much as I'm kinda disappointed in Heroes, I still watch it every week.

Oh and...
FOX? I heard what one of your CEO's said. People don't like Science Fiction? Are you serious? Don't generalize man. And don't cancel Dollhouse before people get a chance to fall in love with it. You are on thin ice FOX, what with playing the series finale of Arrested Development during the opening of the Olympics in 2004. That was ridiculous. Don't even get me started with Firefly.
You've got a good thing with Fringe. Keep it.

NBC? I just don't get how Jay Leno is getting another hour long talk show. It almost makes me wanna punch a really nice car.

ABC? Thanks for picking up Scrubs. I enjoy that one.

CBS? I'm sorry but, my basic cable has replaced you with a 24 hour infomercial channel. I don't understand either.'re cool.


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