Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A tour of Chic....Gotham?

Hello friends. By now I am assuming you have seen Batman: Dark Knight. And if you are anything like me, you have seen it twice and looking forward to seeing it a third time on IMAX.

Well. I saw ol' Dark Knight on Thursday at 12am. So technically Friday at 12am. I got home at a decent hour (4:45am) and woke up to get to work by 10am. I was very tired but very excited because on this particular day I was at work, I could have a "tour" of Gotham City.

If you didn't know already, Dark Knight was filmed in Chicago. No I was not in it. It took me maybe 3 minutes to get used to the movie because I am so familiar with Downtown Chicago but once I did (i.e. when the window exploded) I was amazed at the film.

But this isn't about Dark Knight. Its about Gotham. And my tour the very next day.

What I have compiled for you here are photos of Gotham/Chicago and what was filmed there. Cause why? Because its fun. That's why. And my job rocks. That's why.

When they start evacuating the city

Where the mayors office is...

Evacuating the towns folk and prisoners

The beginning...robbing the bank..Also..GPD.

When the swat truck flies out of lower Wacker

...the Penthouse. ETC.

And well that's it...for now. I can't get a good picture of The Chicago Board of Trade, which was the building at the end of the street when the FUNERAL happens (Whose? I can't tell you, you might have not seen it yet)

Well, its all in good fun. And I hope you enjoyed my pictures. Here's one for you to leave with...

I had this for lunch today. It was delicious.

mango and raspberries!

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