Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I laughed so hard at this movie.

You all must go see it.

I honestly thought it was going to be real cheesy and all about how these 40 year olds had to get a job or else they'd be "kicked out".

If you don't like "plot" in your movies...at least, taking the center of the stage...then you'd like this movie.

Also, if you like cussing, gross ball references, the crazy stuff that comes out of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly's mouths, and wonderful late 70s - early 80s t-shirts, then you'll like this movie.

Also. the word Man-gina. If you like that word then you'll like this flick.

Oh also, hilarious close ups of Will and John looking confused.

You'll like this movie. Trust me. Its hilarious.

I mean...unless you don't like hilarity. Or you can't just enjoy a gross stupid movie.

Oh you know what else i Liked about this movie? The women held their own. Sure they were crazy too, but we didn't get any of this "Superbad" woman-slut stuff. Or just a "mans" point of view on everything. Yup, these women, some crazy some not, were strong characters. And I like strong women characters.

Go see it

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