Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm 27!!!!!

I AM 27!!

OH MY GOD. How long have I been waiting to be this age? Last I recall I wanted to be 27 when I was 14. No particular reason other than it is my favorite number. Then the crazy imagination and obsessed "vampire" wishes got in the way and I put it in the universe that I was going to become a vampire at the age of 27. (let's not get upset that I am not one yet, I still have a whole year)

BOY. What a great life. Hey, lets talk about myself at age 27! Why you ask? Since I've been waiting to be this age for as long as forever, I think its pretty much a huge milestone for me. And because of that I want to evaluate myself at age 27 (!).

Television: I LOVE Science fiction shows! DOCTOR WHO being one of them. I love anything that has to do with space/future/time travel/etc!!! I can't get enough of them! Last night I watched "Fear Itself" and it was about this guy who switched bodies with another guy. BUT THAT guy was a mass murderer and the other guy wasn't, and the innocent guy was in the bad guys body and was being persecuted for crimes he technically didn't commit!!!
Boy, do I love stuff like that. At age 27 (!) I feel I have grown enough to reign in and know what I do like and what I do not.

Books: Talk about fantasy and science fiction. I wasn't much of a reader until a couple of years ago when I started reading Harry Potter. Now, after reading ol' HP 3 times I've gone on to more...books. Not necessarily different books, they are all fantasy/science fiction etc. I'm currently reading Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse (for the second time) by Stephenie Meyer. OH man, if any vampire book were more romantic I would explode. Before I got into Twilight, I read 4 of the I-don't-know-how-many Anne Rice vampire chronicles. Then I started reading more books about Harry Potter, but finally I picked up Twilight. (for a change of pace...) Proceeding to read all three books in a week and a half (over 1400 pages at least)...I gave them to all of my friends to read as well.
But WAIT. After Twilight, I finally broke down and bought Night Watch By Sergei Lukyanenko. Then very soon after I bought Day Watch. And I will buy Twilight Watch in the next couple of days.
These books are SO wonderful and fun. Again, they are science fiction and Sergei creates a wonderful world that lives among our "normal, boring" world. I had seen the movies Night Watch and Day Watch before reading the books, but love the books more because there is SO much more they ain't even touched on in the books. At the age of 27 (!) I'm glad I'm a reader and as of right now I don't wanna branch out to other things (other than fantasy...heheee)

But enough about books!

Video Games: Hey, I love video games. Still have the Sega Genesis my parents gave me when I was 13. I also have a Nintendo 64, but had to store it away for the WII that I bought myself last year. Although I do not have many games YET for the Wii, I completely love it. And I blame my friend Dan who DOES have more games than me, because I go over there and play the games therefore satiating my thirst for playing video games. And thus, never go out and buy games for myself. ANYHOO. I love video games. Any kind really, and at age 27 (!) I've got to admit I'm pretty good at them. Pretty FRIGGIN good. Challenge me.

Food: Oh man, do I miss red chili. But hey guess what I can cook. Whats more important than that? I never cook. I know I can, I'm good at it if I try hard enough, but I don't. When I first moved to ol' Chicago, I gained weight and weighed the most ever (154lbs). Why? Well, I really think it was stress eating. I mean good god I just moved away from the only city I ever knew into a city I had only been to once. It's pretty stressful. But now? Well at age 27 (!!) I feel more in tuned with my body and what I want to eat, when I am hungry, if I am full etc. I eat what I want, I am not dieting, I sometimes splurge but know that tomorrow is a new day. I know myself enough to KNOW myself. Oh and I'm starting to like tomatoes. Weird.

Jobs: We all know people need to have jobs to live. Money in particular. Well, I must admit I have had the office job, I've worked 8-5, 7-4, 9-5 etc. And although I get paid more (and therefore do not have to ask my parents for help sometimes) I don't like those jobs. I literally feel my soul being sucked away! But LO and behold I have found a wonderful job on the Chicago River. I am a deckhand/tour guide. At age 27 (!) I wouldn't have thought I would be living by a river let alone working on it. Its a big deal for a desert woman like me!!!!!!

Career: Most of you know what my difference is between a "job" and a "career". But some don't. Well, my job as a deckhand isn't my career. Being a comedian is my career. And I've been "at it" since I was oh....12? But seriously dedicated since I was 15. Those 3 years in there was me Foolin around. Now, I just need to get even MORE seriously dedicated and get better at marketing myself. Etc etc. etc. Whatever. At age 27 (!) I am living my dream.

Relationship: I have great friends. I meet people everyday that I know I would love to hang out with more. But what do I do? I lay on my couch. I have several very close friends, few besties, and a lot of good friends I just love to have around me. I'm not afraid of meeting people! I'm not shy anymore, I know that the best way to get over that is to ask questions about that person. Because what does a person love to do? Talk about themselves. So, what do I do? Ask them questions. I know people all over the country and even a few over in Japan. (the only other place I've been that is far from the US). We all know (because I've mentioned it here a bunch) I do not have a manlyman in my life, but just as well I know it's partly my fault and you can't love another person until you love yourself. (Which I Thought I did, sooooo ....oh who knows). I am starting to get fed up with being single and at age 27 (!) I think this year will be different. In fact I've made it a mission to make it different.

Family: Got them all still. Love them. I'm so glad my brother's back in my life and my mom calls me often enough that we can just sit on the phone in silence because we got nothing to say. They are extremely supportive of me, they love me and I love them. I worry about my dad riding his motorcycle but know that he is doing what he loves. My mom shows me being outgoing will make people around you relax and feel like they matter. My brother worries about me enough to call me everyday to make sure I "write that auditioner and ask what I could do better"...He still hasn't written back. My grandma writes me letters about her life in the very nice retirement community she lives in and sounds very happy when I call her. At age 27 (!) I feel just as loved as if I were that cute fat 3 year old running around in our backyard.

Dreams: Literal Dreams? they rock. I've only heard 2 other peoples dreams that could be as crazy as mine are. The other day I dreamt I was in "hell" but it was just a night-time-comic-book-city. And the crosswalks were alive, if you didn't walk across them in enough time they would eat you. And the ice cream in the shop I went to had eyeballs in the cones instead of iced cream. I effing love my dreams. Love them. Figurative dreams? The ones I've planned out for myself? They haven't changed. I'm still going to have a domed room with a trampoline in it and velcro walls. I still want a lime green VW bus with beads in the window. I still want to be a vampire. I still want to be on SNL and make and write movies with my friends and by myself. I want to be loved and admired (WHO doesn't?). At age 27 (!) if anything they just got more details.

Imagination: my mother says she just loves my imagination. I don't see anything special about it, (I've been living with it for 27 years) but I do know that "when people get older" they seem to get more ....boring. Not anyone around me. Not as far as I can tell. Older people do seem to be more critical of things. Can't accept things. Don't want to "have fun" by pretending that "behind that mirror" there could be a whole 'nuther world that we don't even know about. Why wouldn't you want to pretend that? I honestly don't understand people who can't 'pretend'. And at age 27 (!) I'm thankful I still have that imagination. I'm thankful I can still play and pretend and ....try and stay up as late as possible one night...just for fun.

religion: I had it figured out maybe 2 years ago? Lately I'm still trying to figure out what it is to me. I don't have one particular religion I'm going after. Taoism and Buddhism make the most sense to me. I do believe in reincarnation, old souls (i've talked about this before), and maybe even an afterlife somewhere. But as for a particular religion (even T and B) I don't have the discipline to adhere to what they say and what they say only. I think its cause I don't like people telling me what to do. But at age 27 (!) I have one philosophy I came up with when I was younger... As long as it doesn't physically or emotionally or mentally hurt me, then go ahead and do it.
(this doesn't condone murder or rape etc. on other people...thats different...its kinda like...Hey. you're a transvestite? You wanna tattoo your face? I don't care. Why should I care. Go ahead. But you wanna tattoo MY face? no no no.)

ME: I'm more organized, understand politics more, understand EVERYTHING a lot more, and have the ability to make decisions based on 'past experiences'. I know my bad habits, good habits, loves, hates, and honestly can't wait until I found out more about myself.

At Age 27. I've got so much to look forward to.


Mandy said...

You know what? You have PLENTY of time to meet a vampire and convince him (or her, i guess) to make you a vampire too before you turn 28! And seriously, would you be all that disappointed if you had to wait until you were... i dunno, 32 before becoming a vampire? Well I'll tell you. No. That would be just fine. Don't try to put time limits on it. It'll happen when it happens.

Dennis Frymire said...

Happy Birthday! (Belated)