Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My New Shoes...

Now why would I post a blog about new shoes? WHY? Well, because these shoes are some I haven't ever seen before. They are called Vibram Five Fingers

Have you heard of them? Have you seen pictures of them? NO? Well here they are....

Yeah. I'm wearing these.

Now, why are they so awesome? Let me tell you a little about me..

I look forward to walking on flip flops every summer. And I walk barefoot whenever I can. These shoes enable me to walk barefoot but still have the protection of the soles for hot sidewalks. They FEEL so great on my feet. When I wear them I want to run more or walk faster and just leap around.

I feel more free in a way. I wore these yesterday all day just running around doing my laundry ( walking up and down stairs ) and when it was time to go do a show I just walked out the door in these shoes!

They don't FEEL like shoes. They feel like....bare FEET. I don't know how to describe it.

let me say this. I walked around yesterday about 2 miles or so and when I got home I took off my shoes and didn't feel like I had to stretch out my feet. That they had been confined that whole time. It just kinda felt like I took off a layer of my foot. You know? They didn't hurt! My ankles didn't hurt. There just isn't any pain.

What can you do in these? I could walk to the beach in them, walk around the sand, go swimming in the lake, and walk home. Without even thinking about the shoe.
People run in them, go hiking, climbing, swimming, canoeing, yoga, and pilates! ANYTHING.

Some of you might not want to go barefoot, or don't think going barefoot is a great idea...

YOU : "What do you use for arch support?" ....
ME : "My arch...I use my arch for arch support".

Listen, I wasn't born with tennis shoes on. ...and neither were you... why walking barefoot is a good idea!

OH good lord do i love these shoes... check out Vibram Five Fingers to learn more about them. And understand what I can't describe here. I should be paid for this advertisement.

yay summer. Yay barefeet. Yay birthday presents.

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Mandy said...

I'm totally with you on the arch support thing!
and your bruise is scary looking.