Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Things I've learned while working

It's not what you think. I haven't learned any office secrets. In fact one thing I've learned that pertains to office work is...basically ....I'm pretty good at learnin new databases. I've worked with so many different kind of databases that you just show me how to use your database once and I got it.
But this is not about work. And in fact, I should get BACK to work instead of writing this blog...but... I can multitask.

1. Accuradio - this website offers radio station type music for free. Whats better than that? It has already put it in ready made genres for you. It offers everything from Broadway to Reggae to Classic Rock. And it has a new channel, which quickly became my favorite: Modern Rock Classics.
a. Classics makes it sound OLD. This is not the case. It is in fact all the awesome alternative music I listened to in the 90s. And believe me the 90s isn't old.
b. Usually when you run across a music station that plays alternative, it plays the crappy songs that you can't remember by the bands that weren't even popular. Or they play N'Sync.
I have found only 2 places that did no such thing... one is Q101 the alternative radio station here in Chicago and the other: Accuradio's Modern Rock Classics.

To give you an example of the music I listened to as a snotty teenager and the music Accuradio plays so awesomely, here is a list of songs that have just played....

block rockin beats - The Chemical Brothers
poprocks and coke - Green Day
soul to squeeze - Red Hot Chili Peppers
pain lies on the riverside - Live
el scorcho - Weezer
Sugar - System of a Down
Rock and Roll Lifestyle - Cake
My own summer - The Deftones
The Way - Fastball
Doin Time - Sublime
Sober - Tool

I won't bother you with any more listings, but you get my drift. you know what kinda music I love. (though this list isn't even touching the surface)

Wat Rong Khun - Thailand

2. Neatorama
This wonderful website has, as it's so cleverly titled, "neat" stuff. I proceeded to find the top most beautiful churches in the world. For those of you do who know me and for those of you who don't : I love churches, cathedrals, temples, synagogues, but I am not religious.

No. I'm not religious. But if you build a stupid looking church to worship in, I question your faith. For example, in Albuquerque there is a plain white square building with 2 windows and painted on the side is Faith Church (or something like that). It has a crappy parking lot with no trees and it is located on Central (well, above or below wyoming). Now you may be thinking:

"Leslie! What? People should be able to worship anywhere! It doesn't matter where they do it, just as long as they believe and have faith and have a heart...blah blah blah"

Yes, well I a point. Wouldn't you feel it more if you were in THIS?

Las Lajas Cathedral - Chile

Rather than a poopy white dumb building with no windows? I know you might also be thinking
"Leslie, these places are in other countries"

Yeah well, there are SO many more beautiful churches in Albuquerque you could go to. And to those of you who are now thinking...
"It's not just the place, it's the people you worship with"
I have this to say: Poop then, go ahead and get in your white, no windowed, building that probably has leaks, just go.

3. Science. <----if you click on that link you will see a pretty cool article about how time is actually 2 dimensions, instead of the previously supposed one dimension. This all practically blew my mind. Well, as much as one mind can be blown from science...

...which in my pretty much A LOT. I've always loved astronomy and biology and such, not to mention physics and quantum physics (though I never got much into those two things more than watching videos and movies, etc).

I've also been freaked out about other dimensions, time itself, and things "not of this world". That is to say, some things existing without humans knowing and all that fantastical fun type stuff.

4. List of little things I've learned while here :
a. Ladies that wear healed shoes seem to be the LOUDEST walkers on earth
b. Heath Ledger died.
c. I like Mac's
d. I need new headphones
e. I miss the summer
f. We need to take Japan's game show ideas and do them

Well...enough of that...I need to get back to YOU have some learnin to do. :)

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