Thursday, January 31, 2008

Violence in movies and Sex on tv.

(This blog was about THIS:)

I'm all about embryo research and stem cell crap. But this is going to far. Not that it isn't Coool to see that sperm can come from bone marrow. (although a little creepy if you ask me....what the heck CAN'T bone marrow do?)

Spermy spermy spermy...

And yes.... "Theoretically, a lesbian couple could both be biological parents to a new child after using their own bone marrow to create sperm." This is cool. sex, like, not allowed anymore? This article is coming from England, who I thought was a little more "lax" on the whole sex thing. Here in America, we don't like it. Oh no, rather have violence than a bit of sex show on tv or in movies.

(And now its about THIS:)
And I must say that because of this, my generation, or at least me, is very desensitized to violence. This is no suprise to me, but always comes up in conversations like this...

Leslie = "Apocolypto was SO good!"
Friends = "Wasn't it supposed to be overly violent?"
Leslie = "Well, it was violent, but I don't expect that the mayan culture wasn't violent."

(or what I REALLY said..."Well yea, but it was awesome like this one part where a Jaguar attacks a dude and tears at his face")

This is going to somehow turn into a "I defend Apocolypto" blog.

I liked this movie so much. I didn't want to see it because of the whole "Mel Gibson makes racial remarks to a police officer" issue.
But I did....just because. And I liked it. People got killed, there was sacrifice and holding of beating hearts, a jaguar killed someone by ripping his face, and a whole village was attacked and taken prisoner.

I wasn't "surprised" by the violence. I wasn't horrified or taken aback or anything of the sort.
I mean...isn't that what happened in the old days? in the Mayan days? Didn't people get attacked by jaguars? Didn't one village attack another sometimes because they wanted thier land? Didn't they sacrifice people?

Yes they did. They sacrificed children. They threw them in water and cut them open sometimes. During thier "football" games the losing team would get killed.

This movie was not unnecessarily violent.
That isn't to say you can't be effected by it, or disgusted by it. I wasn't, but I think I'm really desensitized.

For example: I love playing the sniper in Ghost let me take that back, I KICK ASS playing the sniper in Ghost Recon. I kick ass playing ANYTHING in Ghost Recon. I have no mercy.

(ghost recon is a military game of fun shooting times.)

This isn't to say that if in a real war I would do well. All the violence, all the death, and destruction. I'd probably die like the first day. Or have a mental breakdown. I can't watch real "fighting" videos or people breaking their legs. I don't like it. It's gross.
But Movies? Yes. TV? yes.

And why? Because TV and Movies show so much of it that I'm fine with it. Sex on the other hand is NOT shown. And because of that, when it IS shown I giggle. I look away. I don't talk about sex with my friends, I talk about punching people. Not literally, but get my drift.

And yet I think people would be a lot more happy if they had "sex" in their lives. you know? like not always actual sex. but at least a feeling of not being ashamed if they or someone else mentions it...

Ah I don't know. Its whatever.

All in all I think I'm going to go watch Apocolypto again. should see it too. :)

You talkin to me?

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Axel said...

Apocalypto was indeed awesome, did you totally know that the pig killing trap was going to kill a bad guy later on the first time you saw it? and the end totally caught me off guard even though it made so much sense. I 'm gonna get some sperm made from my bone marrow, and then have it scientifically compared to my regular sperms, I wonder if there would be a difference....

PS- you should comment on my sketch blog now that I know you have the ability to do so, UPDATED DAILY!!!!!