Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Addictive personality

I've noticed in the past month that I have an addictive personality. Not so much the drugs or the alcohol. But I'm addicted to books. (TV too, but ....honestly ...not as much...)

My friend Natalie said this the other day. Not the whole sentence but the "you have an addictive personality" thing. And I was like, no, I'm not addicted to drugs. but if you think about it I totally do...at the time I was talking about this book "Twilight" By Stephenie Meyer. And I was talking about it like, if I didn't read it that day that I would die.

I was literally THINKING about the book all the time. I Still am. I can't STOP thinking about it. At one point when I was reading the book, it was consuming my life. I couldn't talk to my friends. I was thinking about the book during conversations. I wanted to just go and READ the book instead of talking to people. I equated everything people said to what was happening in the book. If I had to sell something to get money to buy the next book I probably would have, instead I just used my credit card.

Here are my comparisons:

Twilight (and sequels New Moon and Eclipse) = heroin (I picked up the book one time and I can't get enough, but its not as bad as---)

All the Harry Potter books = black tar heroin (I have literally read each of these books 4 times and plan on reading them again soon, why? cause I consistently think about em)

Anne Rice, Vampire Chronicles = cocaine (I once tried to read the first book and it was ok, then later I tried it again and eventually devoured the whole series in a month)

John Saul books = marijuana (a guilty pleasure, yet not really wonderful books. Though I'll dabble in them from time to time)

Golden Compass / other fantasy books = prescription pills...that aren't mine (if they are there, in the medicine cabinet and I have nothing else to read...I'll read em..not that I won't get a high off of them, because I will.)

And that is why I realized I DO have that sort of personality. Though not as dangerous, it still can reek havoc on my life as much as drugs would.

though not on my body

unless I stop eating because I am reading....oh wait....did that already.

Shoot. Well all I can say is I don't need your help! I'm FINE! I need these books. I NEED THEM.
Stop it. Don't say that to me! I don't sacrific ANYTHING for these books. They are my life you know. My friends. These books are there for me even when YOU'RE not. Yeah I said it! I said it out loud!
I'm sorry. I love you. I didn't mean it. Can I borrow 20 bucks? I need to buy....you a present....



fine. Don't be surprised when $20 is missing from your wallet though.

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Natalie said...

hee hee. You DO!!!

that's why we love you.