Saturday, December 22, 2007

Quick Blog

I'm writing a quick blog that I will not even correct when I teype out stuff. (except for "stuff) My computer is at the last letgs of batteries and it is going to need to chargue up its stuff.

I'm reading "Twilight" it is so so so so so good. I love it. Its about vampires. Who'da guessed it really cause I love vampires.

Hey in 3 days it will be cChristmas. And this christmas will be the first one waaway from home! HOME! i'm not going to be home. :(

its ok. I miss home toughgh. though. Its sad really. Today its reainning in Chicago. And by reanining I mean Rainning. with two "n's.

Good times. I got a great christmas gift from my friend Mandy . Its Kotter (from wellcome back kotter) and he wrote awhole bunch a emails. Hahaha. hilarious...

I wanna make a movie. and learn how to edit stuff together. Why can't I grasp that technological stuff? WHY? its too difficult I say. Too difficult.

Whne I get paid from the JOB i finally got I am going to buy Metroid Prime 3. OR I will buy Draw Life (or whatever that game is called for the DS) it looks cool.
Love youall

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