Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Now I remember!

Ok after I finished that entry thingy thing. I remembered what I was going to say.

I was gonna tell you that I just had a vacation and i had so much fun. Like the best time ever, and its funny cause it was in Portales. PORTALES people. those of you who don't know, its a 12,000 pop. town in eastern New mex. And its where i went to College.
OH man how fun it was. Cause i got to see all my friends, and most importantly see my bestest buddy Joshie pie. And his senior recital (a final umph of acting at our college), Servant of Two Masters was SO GOOD. JOSH rocked. And Steven He rocked too. And everyone else. like Jennae and those two new girls that I don't know very well. They rocked too.
It was so good. and I was SO jealous because in my 4 years there we did about 2 or 3 comedies, and i would have liked to partake in thier fun. OK OK really i just wanted to be with all my friendies from college. I miss them so much! I miss being over there and having a good time, having parties, having NO JOB. It was the best time over there.
OH don't get me wrong I love it here too. (and i'll tell ya if Gorilla Tango wasn't here I would be a mess, without friends, and all sad and shit) But I wish I could sort of MELD the two groups together. And we would all have fun, NO jobs, parties all the time.
But i think soon we will all have that luxury cause we are all damn talented. And i think SNL should come a-scoutin this place cause they don't EVEN KNOW how many people they could pick up from little ol albuquerque. they don't even know.

So listen if you know how to get ahold of SNL, you should tell them to come make a pit stop over here in Albuquerque.

Oh and um....D-fest was fun. (thats dramafest for all you non-geeks). We didn't get to sleep in at all but thats allright, it was worth it just to see all my friends again.

oh i miss josh! WAAAAAAAAAAA. what i wouldn't give to have one more theatre history class that we didn't pay attention in and just doodled musicals.

"its birth control time" people. Its birth control time.

And i don't think anyone will get that except me. josh. and maybe Laura.
Ask me about it sometime and i will tell you.


gatomann said...

I don't get it, but there's a lot of things I don't get...I'm not very smart.

Mackadocious said...

About it sometime? There I asked now do tell.

Mackadocious said...

About it sometime? There I asked now do tell.