Monday, March 07, 2005

Apple! Orange! Cranberry!

This is something I wrote on another blog. Thought I'd share it with you. ^_^

First of all.
Why is it fruit juice is really only 27% juice with the exception of apple? Apple juice is ALWAYS 100% what’s the deal? They not have enough of the other fruit and an abundance of apples?

Or are they lying to us, putting additives like crack in our Apple juice and making the Kiddies all run around and get diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, so we all have to buy Ritalin for our Kids thus giving Pfizer more of our money each and everyday. And the President is sitting in his golf cart laughing and laughing at the addicted country that’s running around buying more crap that we don’t need, eating more food that is giving us more fat around our bellies and more heart disease only to make us buy MORE drugs to make us feel better and then Pfizer gets MORE money. AND then I bet Pfizer has a deal with Saudi Arabia or something and they secretly own all the oil that we use and are charging up the Wahoo for it which means they or the President also owns car companies that are Constantly selling SUVs at us with low ass gas mileage. And then we have to give them MORE money for gas. THIS then pollutes the earth with all this gross black tar crap and destroys the ozone. Which can only mean that they are in cahoots with Aliens that can’t land here unless %20the Ozone is depleted which is going to happen any day now. THE ALIENS ARE COMING.


Well, I’m gonna buy a digital camera…with my bonus from the insurance company that I work for. And then renew my prescription at Wal-Mart and go eat at McDonalds…Fill my Scion up with gas….and go…hunting.

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gatomann said...

Hey, Lil' Bit I'm a Bigger Nerd than you! (53% to be exact). I once saw an Alien. It was scary looking, I cried.