Friday, January 21, 2005

Spongebob SquareWHA?

I just had to say something about this. I didn't really hear anything about it until last night but COME ON!
I mean this "cartoon" thing that these people are releasing are promoting tolerence, TOLERANCE> and the ...American "Family" Assoc. is complaining because it also says something about homosexuality?!?!?!! ITS TOLERANCE PEOPLE! I don't know where these "crazy" christians come from (and that means I know all christians aren't like that) but if you sit here and say that Jesus loves all and then you preach hate everywhere, its just sick to me. youknow?
and plus this tolerence video is being distributed to schools. OH LOOK AT THAT you have no right to say that because homosexuality is against your religion that it shouldn't be in schools. OH too bad. As much as you want to have your religion in schools it ain't gonna happen people. If we bring your religion in there, its only right to bring EVERY OTHER religion in schools.
And you can say as much as you can that 60% of America is Christian, that does not mean that you can start controlling things.
And as I said before i know its not all christians, its the crazy ones. Because if you hate someone for the way they are, the way they were born, that to me is not living in "Jesus' shadow" Or whatever it is.

WWJD? What would Jesus do? Yeah he wouldn't be hatin' thats for sure.

thank you and goodnight.


Mackadocious said...

Have you seen those bumper stickers "How Would Jesus Drive?" I personally think he would have the stregth of character not to drive. It uses unreplenishable fossil fuels, and that guy was such a hippy.

gatomann said...

Lessers is More! What to be Leslie, you tell those crazy Christians what's up. If you want me to parade down the street naked with a banner promoting your cause just let me know. I'd love to help out in anyway that I can.