Thursday, January 20, 2005

Look at this! And Go here!

First off. The above link is to the biggest baby ever. And i'm not saying its huge because its been eating a lot. It's huge cause it has just been born. DANG!
16.7 pounds. Good thing they have cesarean (sp?) births cause this would rip a woman in half. And lets all agree people, no one wants to be ripped in half by a baby. Well, no one wants to be ripped in half by anything really.
OH that reminds me about that movie "Jason goes to hell" and in the beginning there are those two people having sex in the tent by the lake, and its getting pretty hot and heavy you know and then suddenly (Oh the girl is on top) a machete (sp?) goes into the tent and the girl and RIPS her in HALF! IT WAS SO COOOOOOOL! and later in that movie Jason gets some persons head between his hands and he SQUISHES IT! GOd that was a cool movie.
Killing rocks.
anyhoo. i hope this works....this is a comic i absolutely LOVE! its So weird.

Strange Brew


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gatomann said...

Cute comic. Eggplants are nice. I like eggplant lazanga.

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