Thursday, January 13, 2005

Somewhere over the Rainnnnnboww

So I have The Wizard of Oz song in my head. Which one you ask? well, a good one, but i don't have any words, just the tune...
na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na naaaaaaaaa laaaaaaa! Do. Dooo! La doo doo la la! Doo la laaaaaaa,
oh its Somewhere over the Rainbow.
yeah. thats it.
ANyhoo i totally slept in today. I turned around and said "oh I need to go to a meeting, so I need to get up..." And i TURNED....AND I LOOKED AT THE CLOCK.....and it said 8:23!!!!!!
NOOOOOOO! I had to be there at 8!
8! Don't you understand people? YOu know i've never slept in before. I know its an honest mistake but i'll tell you, i was freaking out. I didn't eat breakfast, i ran around my apartment (must have looked pretty silly), and i got dressed (it doesn't match) i didn't have any makeup one (huge zit) and i drove with only a little bit of my windsheild scraped. it was pretty dangerous.
anyhoo, you know for reals i'm going to get one of those Blog for Dummies books. Or HTML or something cause i wanna be cool like you. And whatelse do I do at work?
i mean...come on.

oh ps. Movie to see : The Spanish Prisoner


Mackadocious said...

Do you ever watch the Sopranos. There's this one scene where Dr. Melfi is having a guilt-ridden dream about Tony dying because she refused to help him. In this dream a song from Wizard of Oz is playing. Its exta creamy creepy. Its the one that goes, "you're out of the woods you're out of the woods." Its when they get to the poppy field I believe. Super-weird scene.

ps I love The Spanish Prisoner.

Anonymous said...

I hear you sister. I had Part of your World from The Little Mermaid stuck in my head today.

We really should open up a cafe or something. It would be so cool! Groovy cool!

Boo ya!

ps. also love the Spanish Prisoner