Friday, January 14, 2005

Bloggee geek and Fishys

OK. what I really want to do is show these pictures I got in email. The "Deep-sea creatures found after the Tsunami" Eh? EH? doesn't that sound cool? Well it is cool. And i wanted to show you my favorite picture which is a black dragonfish. Oooo. its awesome. And if you really want to see it then look it up. But these pictures are really creepy.
Did you know there is such a think as a sea spider? WELL THERE IS! and its all creepy and it gives me chills cause the legs are really huge and long and thin. Eeeeeew.
You know what i'm gonna ask Dan how to do it. Cause here it says to download Hello Bloggerspot or whatever and i'm at work and i can't so i need another way to do it. but I don't have anywhere to "store" them online. Unless its talking about an email. but I bet its not.
I'm sure you have realized that i haven't got the blog dummy book. You know i don't even know if there is one out there. I'm hungry.
OH man i'm gonna go to lunch and watch ER. I LOVE ER!
don't even get me started. Lets just say if you haven't seen it and sat down with me to watch it i could tell you the story from the beginning.
the beginning people. thats like 10 years or so.
Ok well, lunch awaits. i'm outie.


Mackadocious said...

You're an outie?

Anonymous said...

sorry but that is a hoax check out that link it will tell you ;)

Lesliepie said...

OH man that sucks. But at least the creatures are real. I would have been so sad if they weren't real.
But they are! YAY! But they just weren't found after the Tsunami. phhht. dang. hoaxes. boo.