Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Hello? Who is this?

dudes. hello.
um... i really have nothing to say today except, oh i don't know, Uncle Sam Oatmeal is real good. But only with brown sugar.
i woke up last night at 3:12am and i thought it was the date instead of the time and that I had to get up for some reason, so i turned on my tv and laid there for a while. anyhoo. yes.
I can't believe its only Wednesday. OH man this job is sucking me dry. I must quit. But then there is the money thing. Damn America. they don't help. its like you're in debt with them if they help you.
i'm tired man! Dang!
You know what i'm going to get? one of those like "for dummies" books. On blogs. Cause i need to learn how to make this more interesting. AAARRR!
yes. that is what i'll do. oh but first I need to get contacts and an oil change. oh poop.
ok i really should get back to work....
HA! work. thats funny.
ANd you know its not like I don't like work in general. Just THIS job.

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