Monday, January 10, 2005

Posty toasty

waz up my peoples!
just working. got 30 more minutes in my work day. Hmmmm what did i do? WHAT DID I DO you ask? nothing. nothing at all. I emptied boxes of paper. i pulled out some files and acted like i was working. I read my friend Joshes plays. I wrote him, i wrote Doug, i wrote Jan, i wrote Kristin, i wrote Kelly, i wrote Dan. hmmm.oh i forgot to write Crystal.
i watched Roseanne at lunch. that was cool. but i had to go back before I could watch the other one, which is dumb because i never saw that one before.
ohh check out this picture its so cute...


isn't it great? apparently the hippos mother got killed in the tsunami and the turtle became the surrogate mom. OHH how great. that is so cute i want to vomit.
ok ok no. but i really do.
oh go to my friends blog she's great.
although i think she is the only one that reads my blog so "hey kristin check out your own blog!"
anyhoo its great. its neat cause she can put what music she is listening to. I wanna do that. Dang it. Dunno how. phhht.
well anyhoo. i'm gonna tell you anyway buggers. i'm not listening to anything. HA! how about tha- WAIT! i forgot i wanted to listen to OPrah! DAMN IT! it was about women with dark secrets! ARRR! i listened to Montel this morning and it was about kids seeing their parents get killed. I know, rough huh? yeah.
anyhoo, i'm very busy this month and people keep coming up to me to do new projects and i'm like HOLD ON let me sort out what i want to do first and make a list of things i need to do! AAH! i'm crapping!.
that is totally what i'm like.
ha. anyway i guess i should work.....oh who am i kidding. I'm not gonna work the last 20 minutes of my day! HA!
good bye

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