Thursday, January 06, 2005


YOu know, its like i get a headache if i don't drink caffiene, and i get a headache if I do. Its just not fair. I should just drink water. I mean i have water, i should drink it. ow. my head hurts. right at the temple. its like pulsating slowly.
ok it stopped.
So Jude Law got engaged. Now I only have like one more celebrity that I have a chance with. poop.
oh well. Laa lalaaa.
oh i had a bumpersticker saying I want my radio station back. YAY! woo hoOO!

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Anonymous said...


I will be your audience of one. :) Or if there are more, way cool. I'm glad you are back at your blog. Happy day. I wish I knew how to bring back the Zone for you. I miss the Moxey minute in the morning so much. I would be late to work for the Moxey Minute. Maybe the dj's will start their own underground station and kick everyone's ass. that would be awesome.

At any rate, go check out my blog at It's not as fun as yours, but it is good just the same. yes. DO IT NOW!


The End.