Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A Poem

This is a poem that my Friend Doug wrote about me. We had a contest of the best poem and he totally won. that buttface. Oh. and the stuff about me jerkin boys around....that ......isn' all....true......
Anyway it is fun and I like it so here it is....yay!
Ahh the day is half over people!

There is girl name Leslie lu
She bought a dress that wasn't new.
She saw some stuff that made her cry
She told the truth and not a lie
And then there was that special time
That everyone give her a dime
She through then from the efiel tower
And it gave her super human power
Atomic Dime girl is her name
and fighting crime is her game
She runs around in underroos
And bad guys they will always lose
They presented her with the city keys
They didn't know that she had fleas
She scretches them all day and night
and even when she flies a kite
She'd love to kiss a pretty boy
But none of them fall for her ploy
They know she'll use them and throw them out
And none of them want mope and pout
cause she really is a heart breaker
and a maccaroni and cheese maker
She can't control the way she is
She stands up to take a whizz
I think that I will punch her butt
because I like to watch her putt
Okay that's all you know enough
So don't give me any guff
I like to ramble on and on
And in this game I think I won

(by Doug)

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