Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Blog blog bloggity blog

Let me write a poem for you and this time it won't suck as much.
(read: As much)
ok dudes.
here it is.

YOu know what? I went to lunch and i decided I didn't want to write a poem. Yes it has been like 2 hours since I started this postee.
but i'll write something else. ya? (by the way,have you ever gone into the bathroom with headphones on and music playing? its a lot more fun than just peeing.)
oh yeah.
um....lets get a suggestion......Crayons. Thank you!

My crayons started to hate me today
why does the peach one mock me
and the red, blue, yellow, and grey?
i'm just trying to draw a tree
in downtown with the sun in the way
but no they all seem to be different colors
Can you believe this is true?
my brown doors are now carnation pink
and my street is a nice sky blue
the tree trunk is not what you think
its now a purplish hue.
I don't really know what to do now
and i'm getting pretty scared
oh well i think i'll just melt them
and put them in my hair.

1 comment:

gatomann said...

No that's poetry you can love. Way to bring out the love in the crayons we all know is there.