Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ukrainian Blog

For some reason, and i'm not sure why, that Victor Yuschenko just intregues me.
Is it because he was being poisoned? probably
Is it because the opponent was probably poisoning him and then lost the election? yes.
But this is interesting! He has a BLOG! Yeah! A BLOG! and its neat. so check it out if you wanna.
I think we could keep tabs on Ol' Bushie alot easier if he had a blog. Yeah and then we could comment and tell him "NO thank you I don't want another $80 billion to go to the war, oh look how you've screwed up."
anyhoo i got the blog thing from you should totally go to that site it rocks.
oh and go to
hilarious comics.
ok barf

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Anonymous said...

Aw, Leslie, you are so right. Bush needs a blog. Maybe then I would find some compassion for the man.... or not!

You are awesome!

AKA Not Steve. :)

Mackadocious said...

Mozzerella! Delicious.

gatomann said...

Yuschenko will take Ukrane to the top of the pops.