Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Dream a little dreammmmmm

I had this crazy dream last night.
Which you should tell me any interpretations if you can...
Ok here it goes,
I was driving in my car and I turned the corner and there were these flashing lights from a cop car. So i went and looked and there were two guys handcuffed and just standing there. And the cop car that had just arrived was looking at this other cop car where there was an unconcious cop laying there. And so the cop called across the park (there was a park)for back up. And the two guys were very big guys and they started attacking me. I tried to run away but they started getting in my car. I was trying to tell them to get away. ONe guy got in my car and i was pulling him out and trying to punch him (but in my dreams punching is very slow) but I did get him a few times in the balls. Then he got out of my car and I closed the door and locked it. Then the passengar side door was opened suddenly and I closed it and locked it, but thought I pressed unlock and then both the unlock and lock buttons had and L on it (lock). then I got out (I don't know why) and started trying to beat up this other guy, punching him where it hurts a few times, except my punches are more like taps. And then I looked over to the park and all these people had gathered in groups just standing there staring at nothing..And I think then it ended...
And you know...the cops didn't help me. Bastards.

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