Monday, May 17, 2004

Dreamy McDreamy

My other weird and crazy dream.
I think this is the weirdest one I've ever had. And I will tell you that is a lot.
OK it started out in this village that only had shops and houses on one side (right) and a road in the middle and then a cliff type thing on the left side. It was a peaceful village and ....ok so in this dream it was kind of like a horror movie. It had mainly black, white and blueish colors. It was at night and for some scary reason the villiage was freezing, not "brrr..i'm freezing" but it was turning into ice. The street had a huge crack in it and it felt like at any moment it would open and kill anyone who was there. So all the people were panicking and trying not to die. Then it was the morning and there was a hamburger stand to the right and behind the village. My friend Jennae was saying she was craving a hamburger. and I was hungry too. So my dad and I went up to the stand which looked real peaceful and summery. There was a line because they made good hamburgers and also many of the restaurants in the village were destroyed. But the line went very fast because all the food was premade. the hamburgers were in thier little holders, and the fries were all individually stuck into these holes. I asked my dad if I could have fries but he said no and so I said can I get chips. He said "yeah I think your grandma would think thats ok". But then I ended up not getting chips. We were looking back at the village after we got the hamburgers and it was nighttime over there. There were blinking signs that were on this building that pointed down and they said "Yawn, Downstairs" Which meant someone was downstairs. know to hide from the impending doom. SO we went downstairs and we were looking for the person that put up the signs. She wasn't there so we started eating the burgers. The burgers were huge. HUGE. and only slightly warm. and dry. and then there was this other lady that came up and was hungrely eating a hotdog. This is when I felt like the horror that was in the village was making people crave meat. And that something bad was going to happen after that. But I never got there because my alarm went off.
HOpe that was entertaining to read. Cause it was a weird dream.

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