Tuesday, May 11, 2004

100 things about ME!!!!!

100 things about me

100 things about me. (1.13.05 some things have been deleted...what can i say, people change. No i'm not telling you what stuff.)

1. I am Leslie Nesbit
2. I'm listening to Dr. Phil right now....at work.
3. I like eating cheescake, but now my tummy hurts
4. This IS hard.
5. It hurt when I was my true self in high school but everyone always asked me if I was on drugs
6. Though it is pretty funny.
7. I miss my dog Lacy, whom i had for 10 years.
8. I love my dog Meeka now, but she bites my face...and she has fish breath, but she doesn't eat fish.
9. I miss that one summer in Portales when I had one class a day and I could just play the rest of the time.
10. I can't wait to be on SNL, cause then I can have the summers off again. And a long Christmas break.
11. I want to move out, but I don't want to pay. Stupid huh?
12. My favorite number is 27, cause I am going to be a vampire then.
13. I don't know if I want to become a vampire that early now.
14. I have a very active imagination....yes?
15. I love my dreams
16. I haven't had any cool ones lately
17. I love watching nature shows. LOVE.
18. and Trauma Life in the ER is a great show too.
19. I wish guys wouldn't be set in their ways and think that girls don't burp or fart. Because we can let them rip too.
20. On the contrary, I don't want anybody to ever hear me fart.
21. I wanted to be a surgeon when i was little to see the innards of people.
22. Then I wanted to be a brain surgeon. So i could poke at the brain and make them move.
23. Then I became deathly afraid of needles. DEATHLY AFRAID.
24. I miss my friend Claire :(
25. I love my new friends so much I could just squeeze them until they pop.
26. I miss my friends I haven't seen them in like 3 days.
27. <-----I should have said that 27 is my favorite number now, instead of earlier.
28. I wish I knew my birth parents heritage.
29. I think my hair has gotten darker. but I didn't dye it.
30. I've played piano for 18 years but I can't remember any of the peices I've learned.
31. I wish I could remember, it would make me seem smarter.
32. I care what people think a lot. But only after I have said something then I mull over it later that night.
33. I'm stressed out
34. I don't like being this kind of stressed out. I can be so stressed out about theatre and plays and work all day long there and be happy, but in a cubbie I am miserable.
35. I don't envy Paris Hilton. She's gross
36. I do envy Jennifer Aniston, because she gets Brad Pitt.
37. I want to do a movie with Brad Pitt
38. and Orlando bloom
39. and Adam Sandler. But only when he writes a song for me, ok I will do any movie with him
40. I want to have a writing team like Adam sandler and make crazy movies
41. I also want to do horror, drama, and action flicks, but I'm afraid if I get locked into comedy (which I don't mind) I won't ever be able to be taken seriously.
42. That makes me sad.
43. Why do they nominate only dramatic actors and dramatic movies when they say that comedy is harder to do than drama?
44. I like my job because I am constanly walking around. walking is good.
48. I had the best years in college
49. I went to college where I didn't know anyone and I got out with more friends than I could ask for
50. I am scared to lose friends
51. I am also scared of the dark
52. I have a fear that someone will come up behind me and stab me in the back
53. Maybe that's how I died in my past life.
54. I too, believe in past lives
55. I believe in reincarnation
56. I believe that I want to be a dog in my next life...but in a spoiled household, not a mean one
57. I think that past lives alternate, if you had a bad one last time, you will have a good one this time.
58. that means that, at least so far, i am going to have a bad life next time.
59. that's scary
60. I worry a lot
61. I like to drink soda, juice, and lemony water. But i still don't drink my quota for the day
62. I feel tired a lot.
63. I wasn't ever really depressed until the pass few months, and I don't know if I'm out of it yet or not
64. I think its getting way better though because of the summer and the warmth
65. oh and I moved in town
67. Sometimes I don't care about anything
68. I love myself alot
69. I didn't know what 69 meant until 9th grade when my friend Valarie told me
70. That's still pretty early to know what that means now that you think about it.
72. Speaking of valarie, her son is the cutest thing ever born...ever.
73. I want my own kids because I want to continue my bloodline.
74. By the way....if you already didn't know,.....i'm adopted.
75. I don't think I have issues about that, though my mom always asks me if I do
76. No, mom, I don't
77. I believe in Angels, and pray to them more than whoever else is up there.
78. I have 3 imaginary friends- Billybobjoefred,
79. another one I don't think has a name...hm....and
80. A dog, a black lab to be more precise.
81. I don't think i am going to get the job I applied for, but maybe that's fate talking and i won't mess with it.
82. Yes I believe in fate.
83. I don't like it when people talk about me like I'm not there
84. I wish I could fly, or have super transport powers
85. But if i had to choose an x-men character I would be ..whats her name....Mystique.
86. I had to look that up, cause I don't have a good memory.
87. I do have a good memory, but only for the little things in life
88. I trust too easily, but i'm ok with that so far.
89. One day I will have the coolest house ever.
90. Speaking of money, I am going to build a no-kill shelter and vetrinarian place in Portales, when I'm rich.
93. I want to talk to animals. NOt bugs though.
94. I like living, it's pretty fun.
95. I kinda have 2 colors in my eyes. Brown on the outside, green on the inside.
98. I'm almost done and I am glad because I am running out of things to say.
99. I want $99 in one dollar bills. That way I can pretend I'm rich for a while
100. I lied on this whole thing.......Just kidding. NO really I'm just kidding.


Byronicwoman said...

okay... yay! i'm so glad you did this! this is so cool! we should make all our fellow gorillas do this.

Byronicwoman said...

how come i've posted a comment and your comment counter still says zero. does your blog not acknowledge me? am i a non-person to your blog? maybe i need to teach your blog a lesson!

*smack* who's your momma, bloggie?