Friday, May 07, 2004

Glippity glippity glee

So I am sitting here wishing that i was in my beautiful bed, laying (Lying?) on my wonderful fluffy pillow and hoping that this is all a dream.
Wouldn't that be great? Work as a dream. Wait. no. I like my dreams, they're a lot more fun than work. OR if work was a dream and I realized it was a dream then I could fly, or tell off everyone that complained I was giving them work.
Complaining is fine yes, but not at 9:00 in the morning. Although I'm complaining. OK so it's ok for me to complain. Yeah that sounds about right.
My eyes are burning. Why do eyes burn. stupid eyes. now people will think I was smokin a know.
I realized that I have gone this long and I haven't mentioned Friends. Friends. Thats a great word. Fri-ends. We should say it like that.
Ok that's all I'm going to mention about Friends. Except that it was a good one. They didn't disappoint me, thats for sure. They even brought in the foozeball table! FOOZEBALL!
If only I ould type and sleep at the same time. That would rock.
Well. that's all for right now. I guess. Ok. I'm gonna go work now....but if I had my choice, I would be swimming.