Friday, January 14, 2011

Retroactive Oscar?

Its not that I'm mad that Sally Field won the 1979 Oscar for Norma Rae. But is there any way we can give a retroactive Best Actress Oscar to Bette Midler in The Rose?

This was her film debut, in 1979, in a movie based on Janis Joplin (it says "modeled after" on Wikipedia, but you pretty much know its about Janis). Bette Midler is "devastatingly brilliant", a quote I will take from my friend, in this role and all you want is a happy ending.

But, like Janis Joplin, you don't get one.

I went and searched the YouTubes for any sort of clip of that movie and all I really got was a bunch of songs by Bette Midler. In the end though, I think you should definitely just watch the whole movie because it is just so sad.

Why would I want to watch such a sad movie, you ask?
Because maybe all those comedy/action/fantasy movies aren't enough anymore. Thats why.

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HM said...

I will add this to the netfilx queueeueueueue <---I felt a need to add extra "ueueue's" in there. Just go with it. :)

Thanks for the movie recommendation!