Friday, January 07, 2011

How to make New Mexican red chile sauce

Hello friends!
This past holiday season I found myself taking another step into "growing up" by trying to make all the nice New Mexican dishes that my mom usually makes.
These dishes mostly involve New Mexican Red Chile Sauce.

Most people who read this blog know exactly what I am talking about, but for those select few that don't, Red Chile Sauce (and Green Chile) are staples of Mexican food. New Mexican food just has a bit of a twist. We smother all our food in chile. Our chile is made from New Mexican chile pods grown right in New Mexico. Most people like green or red, some like both, but I love red chile.

I've only made chile once before and this time I took pictures of what I did, mainly because I got a new camera for christmas, but also because I'd like to remember what I did. Be aware that I don't have measurements like"teaspoons" or anything so you might have to make that stuff up as you go.

New Mexican dried Red Chile Pods
Minced Garlic
Canola Oil

a type of sieve
spoon type things

Caution: When making your chile, make sure you do not touch your eyes. Oh the humanity if you do.

1.Take 20 dry chile pods and snap of the stems.
Shake out the seeds in the trash.

2. Put pods in a pot and fill with hot tap water.
Soak for 2 hours
Stir occasionally, be aware the steam will now be hot spicy chile steam

The steam made me sneeze

3. Put soaked pods in a blender with some of the water that is now "chile water" and 4 spoonfuls of minced garlic
Hold the top on the blender so it doesn't shoot up into your face and burn your skin off.

My mouth is already watering

4. Once blended, pour the chile into a sieve and mush it down into a pot. This will get all the bits o' skin and rest of the seeds out and you will have a delicious sauce left!

Things you don't want in your chile...

5. You are not done yet. Step 4 is a very long step....

Not sure how to make this go faster...
Once you got this... You are done.

6. Take the pan and put a bit of oil in it and heat it up.
Pour about 4 spoonfuls of flour in and heat it until its brown.
Pour in chile and stir.

Congratulations you have made New Mexican Red Chile Sauce!

Now, to make a bean burrito....

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Susan Boyes, MA, ATR-BC, LPC said...

Leslie, you are a master chef and I would eat this with you any time.
Your pal,