Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Desk Chair

I'm really going to try this time.
I want to write down (in this blog) what's going on day to day. Like a journal. Like this blog is supposed to be used.
And I feel that now is a good time to keep track of the little things that have happened in my life so I can remember them when I'm old. And since I know you all will find it sooooo interesting to hear the mundane of my we go!

I have been wanting a desk chair for my desk for about 2 years now. I have been using a nice looking, dark, wooden, folding chair. It hurt my butt. And for a couple of months last year I even used an old exercise ball......
This exercise ball was perfect. It was just the right height, kept my posture up, and let me bounce on it. I didn't have a job when I had the ball so I sat on it everyday. This ball was my friend. Then one day my good friend Kelly and I were on the phone. She was telling me the terrible and sad story of her cat passing away that previous night and I was being a good friend by listening and sitting on my ball. Then.....WHAM!

But in slow motion....POP>>SWOOSH>>>WHAM!

My ball popped. I fell on ground. My face was laughing, but I was silent. My door was locked and my roommate yelled through "Are you okay?" All the while Kelly is telling me her story. I waited until she finished, said "i'm sorry, this is so not the time but...."

Dan and Kelly have always been good to me. They give me stuff. They had an old theatre chair they were just going to throw out and I asked if I could take it apart and use the pad to put on my folding chair. So I did, and for months I sat on an old, dark wood, theatre chair padded, folding chair.

My back hurt.
My butt hurt.

So I asked my parents for a desk chair for Christmas this year. It was in the BAG this time! My parents wouldn't let me down! All I wanted for xmas was a desk chair!

I didn't get one.

I wait then, to see when I could afford one. Very sad indeed.

This past day two miracles happened. First, Dan and Kelly come through and say they have an old desk chair I might want so come and pick it up. THEN, I get in the mail a gift card from my brother for just the right amount to buy a desk chair!


So I go online to see what prices are out there and find this perfect bright-red pretty desk chair from Office Depot. Hooray! But, its delivery only from the online store and they are out of stock. So I went to Office Depot. They didn't have anything I wanted, or at least would buy before I saw the chair D&K would give me.

I ended up taking D&K's chair. Its nice. It rolls, although my house is caving in and it rolls toward the center. And it's got padding on the butt AND the back.

And now...I have a gift card! Now I can get some new bras and maybe a nice lamp! Not the college lamp I've been toting around for 10 years!

I think I'm getting old. I just wrote about desk chairs.

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~HM~ said...

I love desk chairs! Or at least reading about them. I finally broke down and bought a real grown up desk that's actually quite massive. I'm using a small chair from a random table we have. I really need a new one too. And your house is caving in? ! Reminds me of my senior house in college all the door frames were sloped inward. It was like a Tim Burton house or something. Anywho, I hope you and your desk chair are very happy and that your butt no longer hurts. :)