Monday, February 15, 2010

On People...

You ever watched a video that was made from some other state by some people you don't know and you thoroughly enjoyed it?

I always think to myself, "wow, I never knew these people existed before now. I never thought that all these people had lives and thoughts and dreams until I saw this video"

I believe we forget that we are of one species. All together on one planet trying to make a life for ourselves. That every single person on this planet has to eat. Every single person has had a taste of water and that every single person sleeps at night.

Hair grows in the same place. Some have more, some have less, but it is all still there.

Our eyes and ears and noses are all in the same general areas and they all have the same functions.

6 billion people and we have the same type of tongue. The same elbows. The same knees.

Our brains mostly operate in the same way.

We have the same instincts: Fight or Flight
We have the same emotions: Fear, Anger, Happiness

We experience curiosity.

We all didn't know what the world was when we were born. We all learned a language as we grew up. And we all have someone we are close to.

I sometimes think we focus on our differences so much, we forget we are just a species living on this earth.

There are 6 billion human beings. And I'm just one of them. Living, eating, laughing, sleeping, and dreaming.

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