Saturday, September 05, 2009

Law & Order - Who dunnit...

You know when you get bored and you're watching tv, but its in the middle of Sunday so you're just flipping through the channels desperately hoping for something to watch? And you finally are about to give up and read a book or go outside when you happen upon a Law & Order episode?

They are always on. Every channel too. It's like this magnificent show that just lets you hang onto the brim of almost being bored to death.
But not quite dead yet, no, you are just enough interested in seeing who murdered that poor homeless girl that you'll tune in until the end.

Law & Order has saved my life a couple of times in that respect. Keeping me alive through that hour to finally find a crappy movie is starting on FX or until someone calls me and we'll end up hanging out.

This latest episode (that prompted this blog) was about "a famous girl, who is just famous cause she's rich, gets murdered by WHO?" It was intriguing, because I couldn't pinpoint the murderer in the first 20 minutes (which is what I do at least 70% of the time).

It was all going well when tragedy happened. I had to leave.

But it was 7:40. And they hadn't told me who killed her yet. There were at least 4 suspects: the gang member who runs the club she hangs out at, the 16 year old kid who is obsessed with her, the chef who proposed to her and his manager.

I left. And because I left I don't know who killed her. WHO KILLED HER JEFF GOLDBLUM? (it was one of the newer ones, cause Vincent Dinofrio left...oh you know what I'm talking about...right?)

This is why I think there should be a blog out there, where people who love the cheesyness of Law & Order can post the endings to L&O. So I can look them up later and see who dunnit. And I'll be satisfied.

No, I don't have to go watch the epp again. I've seen it. At least the majority of it that I can picture what happens in the end.

Wouldn't that be great? So when you are bored, and you find a L&O episode on, you don't have to worry about watching the whole thing. You just go to that blog and read about it the next day, when you are nearly dying of boredom at work. Isn't that a great idea? It'd be a life saver!

Good ol' Law & Order, always saving peoples lives.


Spavis said...

Let me Google that for you...


~HM~ said...

haha That's awesome! There really should be a blog like that. I think it'd be mighty popular. Also maybe I should give L&O a chance. My sister is always watching it. Might make the insomnia not so boring.

Leslie said...

Yes it would! That would get you through the night. Also when I worked nights and I had a night off, I would watch Girlfriends. Which I don't think is on anymore. was a good time. : )

Anonymous said...

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