Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Rest

The Rest....of my vacation was super fun too...

hold on while I make coffee.....

Okay. 20 minutes later and I'm a bit more awake!

My birthday was super fun, we ate mexican food and then hung around my parents place that afternoon, just enjoying the sun and the outside. My good friends Valarie and Mandy came. It was awes'.
THEN I had an awesome birthday improv show at the Box! What was so fun about it? Everything! I had so much fun. SO much fun. AND i got to see all my good friends and say hi to them and hug them. I felt so happy to have friends that come to a show and then you get to hug them hello. I love that.
Then I went home I believe.

The NEXT day was the 10 year high school reunion! It started out at a pool outside. Where all the kiddies could come with their parents. (So many people have kids its weird). Then we all just talked about good times, I saw people I actually hadn't seen in 10 years so that was fun. Everyone looks the same, just...older.
The night event was good fun too. Mandy and I got ready together. Made sure we both looked smokin hot...
They had mexican food inside. (good) and I got to see some more people and catch up with people. Everyone just seemed so excited to be there. Some a bit shy, some not. There was dancing in the end, and I had 2 martinis but I wasn't drunk. (stupid bartender....heh heh). We went home after that and went to bed. Hey...I'm old. Leave me alone.

Sunday was an awesome day. Fathers Day! My parents and I drove up to a place behind the mountains up by Santa Fe to eat breakfast. It was a delicious delicious breakfast. And a fun atmosphere where chickens, turkeys, roosters, and peacocks were running around outside! Then we went home and I used this time to relax some more. I must have needed it too. My dad and I watched "Yes, Man" and I really liked it....I'm biased of course cause I absolutely love Jim Carrey.

Monday was fun too! Mandy called in the morning to see if I could meet up for breakfast and i said YES! Then my Dad, Mandy, and I went to see Year One (its a renter) and after that I got....
an .... IPHONE! Yes! Woo Hoo! I have it! And being on a family plan I'm not paying as much as I would have. Whoopee!

Then at the end of Monday we went over to the Frontier and met up with more people! Leonard, Devin, Doug, Kristin, Tara, and Kelsey were there. Mandy and Scott of course and me. I ate my favorite meal of a vegetarian salad and tortillas (and once again forgot to buy a dozen like I keep meaning to). After that I went over to see Taras new place (Sweet place I must tell you!) and went home to pack.
I left early that next morning. Traveling on 2 flights to get back up here to Chicago.

I left Chicago when it was unseasonably cold and I came back to 95 degree humid weather. I was dying. And I tripped over a curb and totally wrecked my knee!
It was all bruised, but now its better.

I really had a fun time back home, and I will tell you that it was probably what I needed after this past winter. The relaxing times have totally reset me for this summer and I'm a bit more prepared for the rest of the summer now!!!

But hey guess what!?!?! I'm coming back to ABQ for the Duke City Improv Fest with my team Robocopus!!!

So be prepared Burque, I'll be back. :)

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Kiki B said...

I'm so super excited that you'll be back. It'll be so super duper awesome saucetastic!