Saturday, January 24, 2009

Something New...Squiggle's blue

Ever had a squiggle book? I did. In first grade. We drew the squiggles and the teacher made us write a story about it. This was probably one of my favorite things in school. And I was going over them today and this is what I decided...

Every Saturday I am going to post a story I wrote when I was little. The squiggles will be redrawn by me on my computer (with the original squig being in blue) and I'll add my teachers comments. Why? Because I am really enjoying reading 'em and I'm sharing them with you.

Story #1

By Leslie Nesbit. Age 7
November 1, 1988

Once. upon a time I was going camping. I saw to peple were waching me. I was going to tell my mom, but they got my hand. They were tierd of running. They took a nap one was sleeping in the boat, the second one was sleeping under the tree. I was scard when I saw a shark by the boat. I ran as fast as I could. I got ther when the shart bet the boat. I saved her just in time when she woke up she found her self on the ground. They in vaided us for dinner we said o.k. I playd with ther kids and they plaed with me. I had fun.

From the Teach: "This Adventure turned out well"

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~HM~ said...

ahhh I LOVED doing these when I was young! i have a pile of them as well. keep the squiggles coming!