Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Before I say anything else

Those of you who read my blog and happen to BE in Albuquerque on January 17th

Please head on down to The Guild to see a movie I'm in and am quite excited about...(and nervous, because its...dramatic....acting!)

Heres what it says on the website:

Dir. Phillip Hughes - 2008 - 84m
A group of students traveling Southeast Asia for a school program decide to have one last hurrah on the little island of Okinawa. Soon a series of mysterious events unfold leaving them to fend for themselves in a completely new and strange place. What is more dangerous, the threat from without or from within? Rated R for language and a few intense situations.

Need a trailer for the film?

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Kelly said...

yay leslie!!!! that looks awesome!!! how can we see it here in lonely chicago???