Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Year in Review

Here is Leslie's year in review!


I got a freelance contract job! It was sweet. I learned a lot. And met a bunch of awesome people, improvisers, if you will. I got to work full time on a MAC! That was awesome. I got paid nicely. Fortunately I did save up some moolah. Unfortunately I didn't predict I would be in the situation I am in now and therefore spent it frivolously.

I was in rehearsals for Amy Fisher: A Karaoke Musical. Which was a great time because I got to meet more awesome people and work with my bestest friends. We also had good audiences and great feedback. :)


Amy Fisher opens and kicks ass. Runs until March? I'm still at that kick ass job. And I'm rehearsing with my team Roboctopus, who I love. I don't think much happened in this month come to think of it. Except Amy Fisher. So I'll give you another picture of ....Amy Fisher!

March brought unfortunate news of a sale being cut and therefore my job ending way sooner than expected. Boo! But I had saved up enough to have April free of job and I decided to waste my time and money. I also started working on a 4 woman sketch show with my bffs Natalie, Chrysteena, and Sarah. Otherwise known as "The DoppelGang". We all wrote and performed in the show (in April) and I believe it was loved by the masses (our friends). We did get a reviewer in to see it, but they didn't write a review. What a douche! :)

April was a month of frivolous money spending and having fun. I didn't have a job, but I tried to get in to be an extra in movies, but that didn't pan out (I didn't try hard enough). I did get myself into debt by buying an iMac. Yup, I did. I live on the edge. I'm still paying on it. Dammit. ...did I mention it is the greatest thing I've ever bought myself? Lets remind ourselves I had "so much money" back in April, and could afford it. (not). What a nice set up huh?

I also got some headshots done which I finally received a copy of! (yay!) I got convinced by people that this one (among others) would actually be a great shot for me because I make more faces like this rather than all serious and smiley. And I agree. Because you won't ever forget this picture. Will you?

May I got to go back to my boat job (Finally!) and proceeded to forget everything I was taught the previous year, including tying the lines on the boat and even what a "boat" was. But I slowly remembered, thank god.

Also my super best friend Mandy came and visited for several days!!!!We got to go to Navy Pier (finally!) and see the awesome stained glass museum. We also walked around everywhere and saw many awesome sites including one of my favorite sculptures here in Chicago... King Lear

The most exciting part of Mandys visit (other than the fact that she was there!) was seeing and meeting The Kids in the Hall. Yes, Mandy and I have a knack for meeting stars and we didn't let ourselves down that night...

We also had a nice wedding shower for Dan and Kelly ( I think this was in May...) with lovely looking food. We also had a bachelor/bachelorette party for them, but for some reason I don't have any pictures.

This was a big month! First I got to be a part of and see 2 of my best friends get married, which was awesome.
It was also my 27th birthday, a birthday I was looking forward to for a long time. I mean, a LONG time. And you know, I don't think I did much on that day, unfortunately. Oh well, it was fun.
I also had a fundraiser with my Roboctopus team so we could go and perform in the Providence Improv Festival.

We ended up driving down in two cars, in what was a very fun and sleepy time. The festival itself was so much fun and such a great experience and I got to bond and get to know my teammates a lot better. :)

That is the theatre we got to perform in! Huge!!! It was so much fun.

Well, for now, I'll leave you with the highlights of the first 6 months. It doesn't all go downhill from there, but there is a slight slant to my life from July until December....

Tv shows I watched January - June?
Doctor Who!

Iron Man!

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