Monday, November 24, 2008

Is there any reason why I would actually click on this ad? I don't see one.

And to have 2 people in CHICAGO have a crush on me. Yeah, I'm sure. How the heck do they know?

But 3 people hating me. That kinda hurts, random ad, that kinda hurts.

I also had this ad screaming at me.

A "fiend" thinks I'm too dumb to beat their score of 117? I would expect that, seeing as its a fiend. Fiends do that you know. Challenge you to an IQ test. They LOVE IQ tests. That's all they do all night. Take IQ tests.

Okay I must admit I got distracted. I started watching a Lost Boys fan video. And now I'm all "oh I need to watch that movie today."

And again. I got distracted. You know what, I'm just gonna end this blog now.


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