Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hey so...first you must watch this video.

Fingies (tm) - A George and George Evil-mercial

Now go and tell your friends about it. Why? Because it's this awesome video that my friend Chrysteena and I made. And because it's getting more views than any of the videos so far that I put up. And we'd like to get more!



secondly, I need to write and I'm not writing. Instead I am writing this. When I should be writing the sketch I wrote out. But I need to type it. But I'm not.

Thirdly. I am almost done with the Annoyance level 4 and I think it has been the most educational improv class I've ever been in. Every single class I have learned something wonderful that has helped me in so many ways. It is so great. Just so great.

fourthly. I think I need to get a job for the winter. What do you say? not be unemployed?
I dunno.

fifthly. I like doing lists like this.

sixthly. hey Heroes is a good show. Am I right? or am I Right? I Believe the answer is I'm right.

seventhly. I'm trying not to let the money stress I'm going through right now effect me. That being said, my outlook on life is a bit more grey

eighthly. I'm in a sketch show for christmas and it's gonna be so much fun. I love sketch comedy. love it. LOVE. IT.

i think thats it. Why? Cause I gotta pee. Thats why.

I had a dream with Simon Pegg in it.


Kiki B said...


Kelly said...

1stly - done.
2ndly - boo.
3rdly - yay!
4thly - probably.
5thly - hell yeah.
6thly - right.
7thly - see 4thly.
8thly - super yay!

the face of boe. THE FACE OF BOE!!!!!