Tuesday, October 14, 2008

British Telly

So lately I've been very much obsessed with British tv. Folks who have talked to me for more than 5 minutes have probably noticed that I love Doctor Who. This has become a wild obsession, one that I am very much okay with. SO, I haven't watched much B-tv other than Doctor Who, and maybe some british Office and maybe Faulty Towers every now and then. As you can see, not much experience with current B-tv. Until a couple of days ago. This is how it happened...

The other day I was looking at some Doctor Who spoofs on youtube. You know, after you finish a video and they show you like 8 other videos you might like? This is how I ran across "David OMG" which is a wonderful video of David Tennant just making out with people.

After that I went to "David Tennant cross dresses" in a show called "Friday Night Project". Wondering what this show was (as I suppose you did too, if you watched that video just now), I decided to explore futher and watch the whole show that David Tennant hosted. (I'll link you to PART 1, ifn you wanted to watch)

It was brilliant. Very british-ly humorous, but also I noticed that it was much more...oh I don't know...racy? They said Fuck like 6 times and showed boobs and even a photoshopped vag. Yeah.
So I'm like, oh this must be a late night show...right?

but even our late night shows aren't that awesome. And I read up about it, its no longer the "Friday Night Project". It's now the "Sunday Night Project"....and to me, for some reason, Sundays are much more...restricted. On accounta the whole...Sunday religious stuff. But nope. They are still awesome.

The next day I decided to give the show "Torchwood" a chance. Seeing as its a sort of spinoff of Doctor Who and it has John Barrowman in it (whom I love) and it probably mentions or at least gives clues to the man who is Doctor Who. I watched 2 episodes. (more, if I have the time)

Let me just say this. There was one episode about a girl who got posessed by an alien who lived off of orgasmic climaxes. The whole episode. We got girls making out, guys and girls making out, people having sex, and a montage of sexy adverts around the city (all of which showed everything but the nuggets). Not a lot of violence. I love this show.

And, so, in conclusion, I am starting to love British tv. Because they seem to care less about offending people and they have super fun shows.

And as a friend said "See? And England hasn't exploded yet has it?"


Old Ned said...

I've been watching British shows for decades. Some of my favorites include THE PRISONER (a surreal sci-fi/adventure show of the 70's), THE VICAR OF DIBLEY (90's comedy), any comedy series featuring Penelope Keith (GOOD NEIGHBORS and TO THE MANNER BORN), and the many MONTY PYTHON spin-offs including FAWLTY TOWERS and RIPPING YARNS. Oh yeah, don't forget the original AVENGERS and SECRET AGENT MAN. Nobody does eccentric better than the Brits!

Kelly said...

how did you watch torchwood? netflix? or internets?