Friday, October 24, 2008

Allright People.

It's like this.
I want to write a blog. And I've come up with millions of things to say. But these "things" are thought of when I'm on a boat, away from a computer.

Also, I don't write most of them down. So I can't remember them later

One of the fun things I thought of today was "gosh, I really love the Beach Boys". And I wanted to tell you, dear reader (3 that I know of, ? that I don't), that I loved the Beach Boys. Especially that song "Wouldn't it be Nice?" Man I love that song! It's SO good!

I want to find my camera to upload the pictures to my computee, but I can't find it. "can't find it" means, I'm sitting here looking to my right and I don't see it. I think the last time I saw it was when it was on my floor somewhere. But I can't see it. I want it because I want to show you stuff that is on my camera.

Especially the older sky projector at the Planetarium that I saw. And I say "older" because I know the McCain people are trying to make it sound like Obama earmarked $3 million for a new projector. One they call "overhead projector" making it sound like its less than it is. Well, they've made it sound like they already bought it, but they haven't. This one is 41 years old. And needs to be replaced! Dammit!

(picture here if I had my pictures uploaded)

I'm hungry. But instead of making the tomato soup (because that is all I have in the fridge as of this moment) I'm typing this sentence.

Hey, I had this sweet dream last night. You know the ones that you wake up afterwards and you're like "Man this would make an AWESOME movie!!" but it generally doesn't once you think about it? Well, I had one of those last night. But this time, it's actually pretty cool. At least one aspect of it. So I'm gonna write it down and flush it out. Maybe make it a movie or something. Basically it has the future and zombies or robots in it. And NO, that hasn't already been written several hundred times.

I'm going to watch "The Wedding Date". Which has Debra Messing in it and its a romantic comedy. I'm pretty much excited about this. But I gotta eat first.

My friends, The DoppelGang, and I have decided to give each other homemade gifts this year for xmas. Which comes at the right time cause I ain't got no money. And today I came up with the perfect gift, so I'm pretty excited about it.

Oh also, I came up with a great way of sending out xmas cards to my pals all around the USA that shows you all some of my job that I do. At least...views of the city from my job...that I do. So I'm pretty much excited about that too.

My mom came to visit this last week. It was so super fun and I had a wonderful time.

(picture of my mom...if I had my camera uploaded)

I get to do improv tonight. Which has me all in a twitter. But on the down side, I got cramps, a headache, and I'm tired.

I should clean my room.

(picture of my room, if I had even taken a picture of my room)

where is my camera? I's needin to get up and look. Allright friends. I found it. My camera is like that one commercial that has all kinds of wierd pictures in it. And I'm, like, deleting the fisherman. Wow, that was quick, all uploaded.

Oh you know what else? I finally registered, or "signed up", with HULU. I'm pretty much excited about that. Because you can subscribe to shows. Episodes of tv shows. ...That reminds me, did you see the SNL on Thursday? It was friggin hilarious. My favorite part? Fred Armisen and that giant touch screen tv. I would have done the same exact thing. And not even, for an audience, just because I got a giant touch screen tv.
Didn't see it? Go to Hulu and you can watch the whole 20 minute episode.

Hey I'm going to be lazy and just put all the pictures here. How visually crappy is THAT? Yeah, thats what I'm gonna do.

The sky projector thingy...its to the side. And a lot bigger than it looks.

Me, caught in frame, just walkin to my locker at NASA.

My mommy


Susan Boyes, MA, ATR-BC, LPC said...

okay okay, I read your blog and I got to see your mommy (!) but no picture of your messy room or your tomato soup. I watched the video George and George, too, as directed. You are Georgeous. And an inspiration, as always.
Carry on! With great success, tonight and every night!

Natalie said...

Well the GOP may be complaining about Barack's campaign, but they have no room to talk after Sarah Palin's $150,000.00 wardrobe makeover.

It's money laundering in every sense of the word.

Leslie said...

rep. to Natalie: Yeah, I'd like $150,000 to LIVE on right now. Heck I'd take $10,000.