Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hamlet the AWESOME

Hey folks!!!

so I just heard some good news about this movie I did awhile ago... "Hamlet the Vampire Slayer" (which once was a play and then was a movie...written by my good friends Aaron Frale and Jason Witter)...

This movie? It was chosen out of 300 entries to be in a festival ... B Movie Fest

check it out!

Not only that but it is one of 5 movies nominated (out of 12 movies total (down from 300)) for BEST PICTURE and BEST WRITER!

So anyhoo you could say I'm pretty excited and hope all goes well. Also you could say that I wish I could GO see it and be there. But lets just all cross our little fingers.

And congratulations to everyone involved. :) I love you all!

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