Thursday, June 05, 2008

Picture Time

Now is the time when I don't have enough time to write a lengthy blog. (or as I originally typed it glob. - been doing that a lot lately)

So I will update you with pictures.

#1 -

It is so freaking hot right now. (ha. I'm listening to Van Halen-Right Now...right now. ) Yes that is a flavor-ice I am eating. Its so humid here I feel like I'm wearing chapstick....
I painted my nails today... see?

It's for a wedding. For these people ---

#2 -

Dan and Kelly. (lovely picture ain't it?) They get married in 2 days and...I'm assuming not much will change. I mean, besides the lovely rings they will have on each others fingers. :0) OH and they are going to leave me for a week. Phss.

So tonight is my last class at the Annoyance. I dumbly* didn't sign up in time for the next level and it sold out. S'ok though, I need to fix my car. I have a crack in it.

I freaked out at the season finale of LOST. I screamed at the screen. No show has made me scream at the screen as many times as LOST has. I'm serious.

Oh what else...hmmm...
#3 -

I went to see The Kids in the Hall last Thursday with my absolute best friend Mandy. And we got to meet 3 out of the 5 Kids. They were all SO very nice. And I got a nice bug to write some sketches again.
Which I will. Cause I wanna.

Here for your enjoyment are pictures of the lovely bride and groom at the wedding I attended...(i.e. this half of the blog was written AFTER the wedding...)

#4 -

Today I had a more in depth talk with my co-worker and Captain about my "relationship" issues. And ..bottomline people? I'm picky and I give up too easily. But is it too much to ask for someone who wants to surprise me once in a while? With say..a card..or...a dinner...or something. I mean, to show that they were thinking of me. Thats really all I ask. Are you thinking of me like I am thinking of you? Show it.

Rather than get more into it, I will show you with a picture...

#5 -

Are you there God? It's me, Leslie.
Where is my boyfriend?

One last thing. I'm almost 27. The age I always wanted to be.

Me. 8 days. 27.

Am I where I wanted to be? Well, lets be honest. The only thing I wanted when I was 27 was to be a vampire. So...I have 8 days for that to happen (or technically any time throughout my 27th year). Otherwise, I didn't have specific goals to be "here" at "this time". I am further than I thought I would be at age 14...scratch that. I thought I would be married to Dave Navarro and on SNL by then. But..hey I had no idea I would have to actually WORK towards it.

I'm happy. I'm excited for the future. And I'm poor. What more could a girl want? oh yeah...refer to #5.

Peace be with you.

*Dumbly - I was going to but it was 11am (when we were supposed to call) and I forgot until 11:30, when I remembered I was in a loud boat on the lake....SO....i can't afford it Thats the official excuse.

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