Thursday, May 07, 2009

And she decided to write a bit

What the hell? When I wasn't busy I couldn't even write a blog on a regular basis. I really like READING blogs that are posted on a regular basis and want to become one one day. Alas, this doesn't seem like that will ever happen.

So its back to the numbered lists of updates for me!!!

1. I have 2 jobs now. I am currently on the night of the 4th day of 6 days that I have to work (all summer long). Do I love it yet? I don't know. My two jobs are amazing. One being on the river all day in the sunshine while I get to eat cookies and be a really cool looking deckhand. I love the people I work with and I have a great time. My second is at a museum where I get to scare kids in a submarine. And I have a lot of fun with the people I work with!!! Who could ask for more? No ONE! I'm making money! I don't know if it'll be enough to live on yet, but I'll see...

2. TWO JOBS? I don't have time for living anymore! You know what? I found out why I'm having such a hard time. You see, I've been super tired lately. Like super really tired, like my brain hurts tired. Go to bed early tired. And I couldn't put a finger on it as to why. I don't work 9 hours a day every day...
I found out today as I looked at the clock...and here is what I thought "oh its 8:45. Wow, I have time to hang out after rehearsal. Usually I don't, I have a schedule until 10. No wait, I've been unemployed for months! That last 10pm schedule was last year!! OH that must be why I'm so tired, I have no sense of time anymore."
So thats why I'm tired. I suspect its also because I've been doing a show Fri. Sat. and Sunday nights for 6 weeks, learning 3 tours, and getting up real early.

3. I finally emailed my friends about !! How cool is that? I learned a whole bunch of cool HTML as well. I do hope I keep that up now that I have a fraction of the time I had when I was unemployed.

4. I love my friends. Hey friends! You know how we used to hang out? I miss that. Can we hang out soon? Well, I'd really like to, I have like some hours next Wednesday afternoon to hang. Can you hang out then? I miss you.

5. I'm going home for my 10 year high school reunion.

6. HOLY SHIT. My 10 YEAR high school reunion!?!?!?! Wow. Hey its around my birthday! So I'm going home to party it up. June 18th to June 23rd. Be aware bitches.

7. I've had several dreams with Neil Gaiman in them. He is great.

8. I got an itch and it needs to be scratched.

9. The more I watch Little Britain, the more I think the world needs a lady comedy duo to RIP it the EFF up!!!! I love them so much, love what they do, and I hope to be doing what they do one day.

10. I'd like to go lap swimming in the lake please.

11. My brain hurts and I'm tired. I'm going to work tomorrow to go scare little children in a submarine. Maybe you should come visit me. :)

12. Last but not least, and most important of all. HULU is still making me nervous. Dollhouse may not be renewed for next season? And Fox is saying because people aren't watching it on the day. WELL fox, hey, don't give us the show online if you don't COUNT the viewership online. I have had a show for 6 weeks on Fridays and I can't watch Dollhouse! But, do you care that I DO watch it online the very next day? Son of a bitch Fox. You are so picky.

next time (and there will be a next time) - less scattered blog from Leslie. About One subject.

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