Sunday, January 18, 2009

Part 2. Of my 2008

Where did I even leave off? Wow it's January 18th. Yeah I like to spread my blogs out.. you know...keep you waiting.


Lets continue.


I started working at the boats a hell of a lot more (you see, I wasn't before because I had so much FUN to my previous Year review blog). Taking hours here and there, hanging out over there, etc. It was a great time. I also partied and had Roboctopus rehearsals. Not much else though...But it was FUN. FUN. FUN.

The Dark Knight Premiere


Movies in the Park (All About Eve)

Just doing my job.

Oh nothing really happened during this month. I got to see NIN for FREE at Lollapalooza. Best night ever. They are so amazing I could just spit. Then I went to the Air Show with Dan and Kelly. We sat at the beach and watched the air planes fly! It was warm and wonderful and fun. And we saw many buttcrack. And I believe that was also the month that I cut my hair! Never had it this short but I loved it and others did too. (Now I am going back and forth between cutting and letting it grow...jesus help me.)

The Air Show! I love Air Shows!

NIN Concert! Effin awesome!

Butt Crack. Thumbs Down.

Oh... more of my job. It's tough.


Lets see. It starts out nice. With hanging out and making videos with my VBF (very best friend) Chrysteena. I mean, I *think* we did that in September (at least early October). I also said goodbye to some VGFs (very good friends) Devin and Chrissy who moved to Albuquerque. And then....
I got mugged.
For complete story go here.
All in all it cost me $900 for the hospital, that I didn't pay for cause the "victims compensation" did.

Picture of George and George

Bye Devin and Lily! Hello? Natalie?


My mom visits! I get to stay in a hotel with her, which was SO fun. And we went to the Planetarium and the Field Museum and saw Soldier Field too. On the downside, my job is winding down so I'm not getting paid as much as I needed. And because life wanted to be harder on me, my cars "check engine" light comes on. I take it into the dealership (shut up all of you) and they need to give me about $1000 in repairs. Which my stupid "extended" warranty doesn't even cover. I did however finish paying off my mac (I did discover I had some "finance charges" and now I still owe money ....AAAH). Oh but the VBF Chrysteena and I were Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer for Halloween. Which was effing awesome. but then my car gets another "check engine" light.

The Planetarium! I love astronomy!

Fall is here. And I'm still on the boat


oh this month. Right. My car. I take it in to the dealership (shut up all of you). And its totally something different and my warranty doesn't cover it. And it costs $500. AND, about now I am working like 4 more days in this month. So, no money coming in. Last day of work was November 20. I took off for a bit to go see my VBBF (very best friend forever) Mandy and her husband Scott in Denver. OH and also to see NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK. Freaking best ever. It was so cool. And I shook every one of their hands. I love them. Jonathon is so HOT. Then I had a fun early Thanksgiving with my family. And another thanksgiving with my Chicago Family. Both delicious. Start Looking for Jobs.

I tried to get Jonathon. But he's sneaky. Joey's ASS!

Donnie and Joey. Talking about how much they love me.

My wonderful setting of the Thanksgiving table. I'm good.


This whole time I'm working with fun great people on a sketch show "Northern Forclosure: All I want for Christmas are my front door keys". In which I did get mentioned in the review. *squee*
I don't have a job at this point. Mismanaged my money enough to need jobs to pay the rent for January and am getting shit paid to me from unemployment. (I do get enough to pay rent, and bills, but that is a question..and a stress..for February). My car is fine. And I use it. I am coming up with a website I am so excited about and it involves writing. Which I'm SO into right now. I also get cast in another play "Cartoon" that goes up in April.

Some of the cast! Yay Sketch Comedy!

Cold. Cold. Cold.

All in all, that half sort of sucked but looking back on it. I had a great time in between the suckie-ness... Life still sucks, I need a job. I'm looking but no luck. Anyone need anything? Seriously, I would like to NOT ask my parents for anymore help. I already feel like a douche.

Here is to a New Year. I'm already having an okay one. And I have so much hope for my career for this year, because I'm going to bust my ass. :)

Here's To.

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