Saturday, November 01, 2008

A random blog from a random brain

So. This has to be absolutely the funniest website I've seen.
Also its making me want to go home to take a picture of this little lady...but upside-down

She is actually only 14 pounds. Not as huge as you think.

You ever eat rice and during swallowing a bit you inhale some to the back of your throat in your sinus and then you try to get it out of your sinus before its actually IN your sinus and then you sneeze and some of the leftover rice in your mouth and it spits out everywhere?

...yeah. Me neither.

I'm going to watch a movie. One that my roommate rented.

Its a tad cold in here. Hey, guess what I have to work in freezing cold weather. So stop complaining. Yeah I'm talking to YOU ...Leslie.

Hey how about this picture?

Pretty huh?

This whole blog has been "centered".

I'm drinking milk. It does a body good. Except not mine, cause I'm lactose intolerant. And yes, I have heard that "you are prejudice against milk!" crap before.

I like the Dalai Lama.

I think I bring the captain I worked with today bad luck. It seems all the crap happens when I work with him. You know...engine trouble, hitting large logs, barges, sailboats bein' all up in our way...

You ever thought about what you'd bring to a deserted island? I have. But I don't think I'd ever make a decision to go to a deserted island. So how can I bring all that stuff with me?


Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer. I'm kicking her ass

D-Horb and C-Ham = sex kittens

DH CH and sexy Stephen Hawking! Dr. Horrible is strangling him. Captain Hammer loves the camera.

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hiLARious!!!! :)