Monday, February 18, 2008

Imagination Station

Folks who lived before there was television (or who weren't rich enough to afford a tv) musta had great imaginations. This hasn't been proven but I'm so sure about it that I will declare it as scientific FACT.

Case in point.

This past week I have been super addicted to podcasts (never before this past week have I dabbled in the podcast world). Of course I subscribed to the usual ones like "LOST" and "Harry Potter" and "Alan Watts explains Buddha" podcasts.

But what I discovered, and what I am about to tell you is pretty awesome, are podcasts of old time radio shows all the way from the 1930s.

Yeah dudes. They are on iTunes. GET THEM.

Now before I get into how awesome this all is, I must say that my job is data entry and I spend probably 7 hours or more entering data in front of a computer so I need to listen to something entertaining. I "could" listen to music or news shows, but why when I could listen to "The Murder at Midnight"?

Yes. Murder at Midnight.

In the distant past (1940s) children ran from the kitchen after eating a delicious meaty, potato-y, green bean-y meal to listen to their favorite shows. In the distant present (now) I sit at my desk, using my mac to enter data, drinking a Canada Dry listening to my favorite shows.

We are SO alike.

I don't have to tell you how cool old time radio is:

This past week I listened to a story about a guy who for a "radio show" of his own, he tries to spend the night in a haunted house and in the end gets driven crazy and throws himself of a cliff. Freakin Amazing.

I've listened to "My Favorite Husband" the Lucille Ball radio show "I love Lucy" was based off of. ( I then got sick of it because of all the "woman" jokes....damn you 1940s...damn you)

I've listened to "The War of the Worlds" by HG Wells. UH...Don't know if you've heard of it, but it is soooooo awesome... and I think that listening to the thing instead of reading it was WAY better for me. (oh yeah, thats right, free audiobook on iTunes)

Oh and freaking RIGHT NOW? Right now I'm listening to the NEW Doctor Who radio show (Doctor Who: Time Tales) that just Happens to be about Vampires. Yeah people. Yeah.

Now why does this give you a better imagination? I can't believe you are asking that question. Obviously it is much better than watching something as you get to visualize every little detail other than having it presented to you in a wooden box with a vacuum tube and a glass screen (i.e. TV). Also, Radio shows are sometimes better than books as you get to hear the sound effects, the voices, and its done in like 20 minutes.

(Effing Doctor Who. I love you)

I'm sure I'm better for listening to these shows. Nothing like a good "Marquise of Death" horror tale can make someone worse. I mean...come on.

Next time you have nothing to do but be on the computer please download these radio shows. Don't listen to music. Phsss. Music is SO dumb. :P

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